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It's time to pass the national boards and add RDH to your name.

Your Name, RDH

You Went to Dental Hygiene School To Make a Difference in Your Life

Now, you are closing in on the finish line. The only thing standing between you and that title are the dental hygiene national boards, but you are....

  • Overwhelmed

  • Underprepared

  • Unsure of Where to Start

  • Lacking Accountability

  • Struggling with Confidence

  • Scared to Fail 

There are plenty of options available to provide you with all of the content, but a one-on-tutor can help fill in the gaps and ensure a successful result on the NBDHE.

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Preparation Powers Performance

It can be easy to lose steam in the final days of your education, especially with the stress of the national boards hanging over your head. I'm here to tell you that you got this! Half the battle is overcoming your anxiety surrounding the test, and that is where I can help.

Meet the Teacher

My name is Dana

Are you ready to enter your national boards feeling empowered, confident, and prepared? Then I am here to help you!


I have over 10 years of experience in the dental world, and I have spent the last 4 years educating future dental hygienists as both a professor and a tutor. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, as well as a Bachelor's in Dental Hygiene, and a Master's in Aging and Dementia Studies. I am perfectly suited to help you learn those hard science concepts that so many students struggle with on the national boards!

Who is tutoring NOT for?  Anyone who already feels confident and prepared for the national boards or who studies best independently. Tutoring also cannot replace the need for regular studying and review. It is meant to supplement your studying and clarify difficult concepts. 

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Sad on Couch

"I did not pass the dental hygiene national boards. What do I do next?"

I specialize in helping students who have not passed the boards to review their results, find their weaknesses, and create tactics for a successful next attempt.

My Tutoring Services

Image by Malte Helmhold

1:1 Tutoring Sessions

Looking for an educator and accountability partner to help you prepare for the national boards? Consider one-on-one tutoring with me! These sessions are completely customized to meet your needs. All sessions are virtual so we can meet in our pajamas!

Group Students Smilling

Group Tutoring Sessions

Have a group of friends that are interested in small group tutoring? Sign up for a virtual group session at a discounted cost per person! Must have at least 3 students for a group tutoring session. Your group can select the topics you are struggling with, and I will be there to walk you through it all!


Rapid Review Sessions

Need a weekly review to keep you on track while studying for the boards? Join the weekly virtual Rapid Review Sessions! These sessions are offered from January to early March. Pick and choose which weeks you want to attend or attend them all! These are capped at 100 participants, but are available at a very affordable price!


"Thank you for your help! I passed the boards!"

"I took the boards on 10/26 and I passed. Thank you for your support."

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