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Your Comprehensive Guide to Dental Hygiene School

The journey to becoming a registered dental hygienist is a long one. Dental Hygiene Basics is here to support you from the start.


My Name is Dana.

I became an educator to help students overcome the challenges of dental hygiene school. 

As an educator, I witnessed crippling stress, anxiety, and lack of preparation in dental hygiene students. Watching my students go through this was incredibly emotional for me.


I thought if I could save one student from some of the these struggles then it would be worth it. With that, Dental Hygiene Basics was born.

Dental Hygiene Basics provides support for the early phases of your dental hygiene education and career.

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Ace Your NBDHE with Our Guidance

Dental Hygiene Basics help aspiring dental hygienists gain admission to dental hygiene school, prepare for the rigorous curriculum, AND pass the national boards. We are your external resource for success in dental hygiene school! Looking for help preparing for the NBDHE? You're in the right place.


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What Our Students Say

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Become a part of the Dental Hygiene Basics Community

Gain insight into the admissions process, learn about alternative career paths for dental hygienists, and prepare for the path to a successful dental hygiene school experience.

🌟 Free Guide:
"6 Unconventional Tips for Excelling in Dental Hygiene School" 🌟

Looking for tips to help you excel in dental hygiene school and beyond? Check out our FREE guide: "6 Unconventional Tips for Excelling in Dental Hygiene School." This guide is designed for aspiring dental hygienists and current dental hygiene students. Gain essential tools for success in the dental hygiene program.


Don't miss this opportunity to jumpstart your career confidently!

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