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Dental Hygiene Basics Offers Both Individual and Group Tutoring Sessions

Our national board tutors have extensive education experience and love to help students reach their goal of becoming registered dental hygienists! We can help you to create a study plan, identify weaknesses, improve your testing mindset, understand testing strategy, and LEARN the material that you will be tested on for the NBDHE.


We strive to make learning fun and enjoyable while strengthening the foundation of your knowledge. Our mission: create confident and well-prepared students who are ready to tackle the dental hygiene national board exam.

We get a lot of students asking, " Where do I start?" Check out the above video and this FREE NBDHE planning guide!

Next up, book your tutoring sessions!

Ace Your NBDHE

Our tutoring approach is highly focused on helping you understand the core concepts and principles essential for success on the dental hygiene national board exam

Affordable Excellence

We focus solely on your unique learning needs, providing targeted support where you need it most.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our extensive expertise in dental hygiene education and National Board exam preparation.

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Customized Study Plans

Together, we'll create a tailored study plan to maximize your preparation and optimize your chances of success.

Comprehensive Review

Cover all exam content areas thoroughly, ensuring you're well-prepared for the National Board exams.


Through focused practice and feedback, you'll build the confidence you need to approach the exams with ease.


Meet Your Tutors

Help! I was unsuccessful on the NBDHE. What do I do next?

We understand the importance of the NBDHE, but we also believe that a failed attempt does not define you or your skills as a dental hygienist. We simply need to identify your weaknesses and come up with a plan of attack. We also need to build up your confidence again. Don't worry, we can help you with all of this and more!


Schedule your personalized tutoring sessions now and take the next step toward exam success!

Subjects Offered


  • How do I know if tutoring is right for me?
    If you struggled in your coursework during dental hygiene school (earning C's or lower), we suggest using a tutor for the NBDHE. If you have a history of severe test anxiety, have failed multiple exams in dental hygiene school, or have taken the NBDHE unsuccessfully, we strongly recommend using a tutor as a part of your study strategy.
  • Who is tutoring not for?
    While we truly think anyone can benefit from tutoring (even if just to build your confidence), if you have earned A's and B's throughout dental hygiene school, study well independently, are self-motivated and a high-achiever, then you will probably be just fine without tutoring. However, if you aren't feeling confident and are looking for a dose of mindset magic, we are happy to review concepts with you and ensure you're on the right track. Also, students who have busy schedules due to extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, or other commitments may find it challenging to fit tutoring sessions into their already packed schedules. In such cases, they may prioritize managing their time effectively rather than seeking additional tutoring.
  • What is the cost of tutoring?
    We offer 2 types of tutoring that can fit a range of budgets. Group tutoring is very affordable, but these sessions are only held at certain times during the year. These range from $10-$30 a session depending on the number of students and the length of the session. Sign up for our waitlist to receive more information about group tutoring and when it is offered! One-on-one tutoring is customized to you and your needs. These sessions are $60.00/hour.
  • What does one-on-one tutoring consist of?
    All tutoring sessions include a review on the chosen subject matter, practice questions, test-taking strategies, and mindset practice. We will focus on your weaknesses and needs, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and go at a pace that works for you. The goal of these sessions is to strengthen your foundational knowledge, boost your confidence, and give you strategies to help you succeed on the NBDHE. Please be advised that we do not offer recordings of the one-on-one sessions as our scheduling system does not currently offer that capability (hopefully soon!).
  • How do I know what my weaknesses are?
    When preparing for the national board, it is crucial for you to identify your weaknesses in order to create an effective study plan. We always recommend focusing on your weaknesses first. First, consider which subjects you struggled with during dental hygiene school. Also, which subjects do you hate? Those are often the most difficult to study and can be considered a weakness. If you have taken the NBDHE, review your results and evaluate them using the corresponding sections listed in the candidate guide (watch the NBDHE prep video for more help with this!). We also recommend taking a mock NBDHE exam that will help you to pinpoint your weaknesses further. You can find a free pre-assessment on if interested.
  • Does Dental Hygiene Basics NBDHE tutoring replace the need for other board prep companies?
    While our tutoring services are comprehensive, we do not replace other board prep companies. We think the content provided by these other companies is outstanding! The study materials they provide are so helpful in narrowing down the most important concepts needed for the board exam. However, many students still need individualized support during this time of studying. We are here to help clear up concepts that don't quite make sense or assist you with techniques to truly learn the material. We also serve as excellent accountability partners to make sure that you are staying on top of your study plan!
  • What does a pre-application coaching session consist of?
    In this session, we will discuss and plan for your application to dental hygiene school. I will review your personal history and together we will create a plan to maximize your chances of acceptance. Please come prepared with your gpa, a digital copy of transcripts, and any other pertinent information regarding your education, volunteer involvement, and job experiences.
  • What is included in a personal statement review?
    We will fully review, edit, and provide feedback for improvement on your submission. This service will be provided completely through email. If you are at a loss for where to start on your personal review, we recommend attending a planning session first. In a planning session, we will work together to help you create an outline and key topics to be included in your personal statement. Need help answering specific application questions? We can help with that, too!
  • My application does not include a personal statement, but it includes answering specific questions in essay style. Can you help with this?
    Of course! We will fully review, edit, and provide feedback for improvement on your submission. This service will be provided completely through email. If you are at a loss for where to start on your application questions, we recommend attending a planning session first. In a planning session, we will work together to help you create an outline and key topics to be included in your personal statement
  • What is included in a resume review?
    Many dental hygiene school applications ask for a resume - and many that are received could be greatly improved! Our resume reviews consist of a full review, edit, and feedback on your submitted resume. This service will be provided completely through email. If you are at a loss for where to start on your resume, we recommend attending a planning session first. In a planning session, we will work together to help create a plan for your resume.
  • What is included in a mock interview?
    A mock interview is designed to help you prepare for a dental hygiene school interview. This is an excellent opportunity to work out your nerves and practice answering unexpected questions. We will also provide you with a list of commonly asked interview questions to prepare prior to the mock interview. You will be given feedback and guidance for ways to improve your interview style.

Are You Ready to Walk Confidently into the NBDHE? Book Your Sessions Here!

One-on-One Tutoring



Tailored tutoring sessions designed specifically for your learning needs and pace.

Personalized attention

Flexible scheduling. Arrange sessions at your convenience

Address your individual strengths and weaknesses

Practice NBDHE style questions and receive detailed explanations

Gain the confidence and skills needed to excel





Enjoy cost savings compared to one-on-one tutoring while still receiving high-quality instruction. 

Join a community of individuals taking the NBDHE

Engage in live group sessions to discuss challenges

Access valuable resources, tools, and educational materials

Stay motivated and accountable with your peers

Review key topics, practice test-taking strategies, and receive feedback.

How It Works?


Step 3:
Select a Subject & Book a Session.


Step 4:
Pass the NBDHE!

It's Time to Add RDH to Your Name

We offer focused one-on-one and group tutoring sessions covering core concepts, practice questions, and test-taking strategies. We also focus on strengthening your mindset and beliefs to assist you in developing a positive strategy for tackling the board exams. We're ready when you are!

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